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Fluffy the Game Icon Fluffy the Game
Classic Match 3 game play with a twist: help the cute little critters find their buddies and everyone gets to...
Blast Master Icon Blast Master
Chain reaction bonanza! Place your explosives strategically around the screen to eliminate all the bombs!
The Impossible Quiz Icon The Impossible Quiz
Quiz? Impossible to solve? Go figure! Well - some of the answers make sense to every other person. Have fun!
Detective Grimoire Icon Detective Grimoire
This massive game plays a little like the old point and clicks, with plenty of modern influences too. A whole...
Scooby Doo Reef Relief Icon Scooby Doo Reef Relief
Guide scooby and shaggy through the underwater adventure.
Contour Icon Contour
A twist on the classic marble rolling game. You don't control the ball, but with a click of the mouse you can...
Scoobydoo Pirateship Of Fools Icon Scoobydoo Pirateship Of Fools
Help Scooby and Shaggy on the haunted pirate ship. Solve all the mini puzzles to complete the game.
Creepy Cave Icon Creepy Cave
Guide Shaggy and Scooby through a series of interactive action and logic based puzzles.
Civil Icon Civil
Guess the word or otherwise face a hanging or shooting or stabbing or worse! Civil is a puzzle game with a vi...
Tilt Icon Tilt
Just use the mouse to tilt the board. Move the ball onto the finish spot as quickly as possible.
Ultimate Sonic Quiz Icon Ultimate Sonic Quiz
Answer the questions about the different sonic series games and characters, like Tails, Knuckles and Robotnik.
Bubble Buster Icon Bubble Buster
Look for 3 or more adjecent bubbles and click to pop them!
Ultra block Icon Ultra block
Click on groups of 3 or more to eliminate blocks!
MahJong Connect Icon MahJong Connect
Different style of mahjongg, where you need to match two tiles by connecting them with a pathway.
3D Tetrix Icon 3D Tetrix
A new version of Tetris with 3D blocks and playfield.
Let it Flow Icon Let it Flow
Connect the pipelines so you can send the water through without spilling.
Jungle Fruit Icon Jungle Fruit
Click barrels that have a number value of 1 more, 1 less or equal to the barrel at the bottom!
Seascape Icon Seascape
Go Scuba diving underwater and take pictures and collect items to earn money.
Portal: The Flash Version Icon Portal: The Flash Version
Based on Valve's hit, experience Portal in 2D!
Super D Icon Super D
Climb up the Tower of Dicedom rescue your friends eliminate Big Ds hench dice collect the faces of power and ...
Speed Dating Icon Speed Dating
You have 5 minutes and 1 conversation to get a date from an attractive member of the opposite sex...
Driving Test Icon Driving Test
A tutorial to prepare you for a driving exam.
JewelOfAtlantis Icon JewelOfAtlantis
Solve the mystery by switching 2 jewels from position.
Escaping Paris 2 Icon Escaping Paris 2
The saga continues... Paris is back in jail, see if you can break her out!
Yeti bubble Icon Yeti bubble
By linking three of more of the same colors together, the bubbles will disappear
Jig Circle Icon Jig Circle
Complete the jigsaw circle with many different pictures to choose from.
Bola Icon Bola
Switch two stones and create a threesome or more!
Cartoon Quiz Icon Cartoon Quiz
Answer different questions about people from Family Guy, Simpsons, Futurama and other shows.
Brain Hotel Icon Brain Hotel
As a delivery man in Brains Hotel, the goal is to deliver a mysterious package to one of the hotels occupants...
Ice Scape 2 Icon Ice Scape 2
Escape the rooms and complete the puzzles. Can you get out the icescape alive
Fantastic Contraption Icon Fantastic Contraption
Use physics to solve each puzzle, very challenging and fun.
Mind Bender Icon Mind Bender
Use your powers of telekinesis to move objects around to complete each level.
Red Remover Icon Red Remover
Remove the red shapes without the green ones falling off the screen.
Traffic Jam Icon Traffic Jam
Logic puzzle game. Very addicting and fun.
3D Logic 2 Icon 3D Logic 2
For everyone who loved the first one, the second one is just as good.
Amazon Quest Icon Amazon Quest
Swap adjacent idols to make sets of 3 and clear these tiles!
Alus Revenge Icon Alus Revenge
Click on any 2 like warriors to remove them. Click on the benben stone for extra bonus points!
Sonic Blox Icon Sonic Blox
Drop the blocks in this classic tetris remake.
Escape the Car Icon Escape the Car
Here is the first installment in the Afro-Ninja Escape Series. Escape from the car. All you know is that you ...
Dynamic Systems Icon Dynamic Systems
Build the solution.
Jail Break Icon Jail Break
Leave prison? Easier said than done, pal. But this will be good practice for the real thing. Move through the...
D Finder Icon D Finder
Spot the difference between the two images.
Rabbit wants Cake Icon Rabbit wants Cake
The rabbit is really glad you are here to help him get the cake. Record his actions and let him go. He really...
Insurgo Icon Insurgo
Build the tower higher the better but be careful it might fall over. Build it faster for better points.
Escaping Paris Icon Escaping Paris
Your mission is to help Paris escape from jail. First find the key to unlock the doors which is marked with g...
Riddle School Icon Riddle School
Figure your way out of your boring school.
Mahjongg Alch Icon Mahjongg Alch
Click on matching pairs to remove tiles!
Vanquish Those Viruses Icon Vanquish Those Viruses
Move the pills toward the viruses and destory them.
Firewall Icon Firewall
Escape the room using only your brain and the mouse.
Icescape Icon Icescape
The power has been shut off at your remote arctic laboratory. Figure out whats going on before you freeze!
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