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Hanger Icon Hanger
Tarzan with a twist - try and swing your way thru the obstacles without touching anything. Touch too much and...
Spongebob Krabby  Icon Spongebob Krabby
Use the left and right keyboard arrows to move your character and catch all the krabby pattys that you can, f...
Fairly Odd Parents Quest  Icon Fairly Odd Parents Quest
Its time for Timy to explore mysterious jungles, but prepare to face Mr. Crocker and Vicky, think fast and be...
Stealing the Diamond Icon Stealing the Diamond
Sneak into the museum and steal the diamond - don't let anyone catch you. What's your strategy?
 Lemonade Madness   Icon  Lemonade Madness 
Its time for the lemon people to fight, as chains of colored lemons rapidly approach the knife, its up to you...
Stab The Pumpkin Icon Stab The Pumpkin
A Holloween game. Stab the pumpkins with your knife.
Zombie Invaders Icon Zombie Invaders
Who likes zombies? We like zombies! At least - we like to get rid of zombies! Defeat the onslaught before the...
The Hulk Icon The Hulk
Get mad, get big and smash anything in your way! Don't mess around - Get after it!
Belial Chapter 1  Icon Belial Chapter 1
Belial, son of Lucifer attempts to take over hell from Satan. His power isn't enough though, so he was sent t...
Shed Escape  Icon Shed Escape
You got stuck in a shed. Use the items from inside and try to figure out how to get out.
The Jellybeans Rainbow Quest  Icon The Jellybeans Rainbow Quest
ts time for Jellybeans to explore the sky, but prepare to face a big jellybean mess, think fast and be carefu...
E-Scape  Icon E-Scape
Try to escape by clicking all around the room, and using your logic
Clover Bunny Icon Clover Bunny
Everyone's favorite rabbit! Dress up Clover and find the hidden surprises!
Robo Blast  Icon Robo Blast
Maneuver your robot into defeating the swarms of enemies in this action packed game.
Crash Bandicoot Icon Crash Bandicoot
Play the classic Crash Bandicoot Online! Go through all the levels and complete the whole adventure!
Dragon Sword Icon Dragon Sword
Yan Long is the main character of the game, he is the only inheritor of the Dragon sword wushu. when he was a...
Oasis Escape  Icon Oasis Escape
It's a sunny day. it's quiet and cool, you are locked in a quiet place, there is a fresh swimming pool with c...
Ragdoll Homicide  Icon Ragdoll Homicide
Use your mind to blow up Bill and Teddy in this doll-blasting puzzle game.
Spiderman 3 - Rescue Mary Jane Icon Spiderman 3 - Rescue Mary Jane
Mary Jane has been captured by Venom! Help Spider-Man reach her in time by swinging across the building tops ...
Oasis Escape: The Basement   Icon Oasis Escape: The Basement 
Beaches, islands & resorts. Fancy drinks, yachts & room service are all part of an Oasis...There is only one ...
Wacky Weirdos  Icon Wacky Weirdos
Some Wacky Weirdos need to be Wacked ! Wack'em all while protecting the civilians!
Street Fo Valhalla Icon Street Fo Valhalla
Don't let anything get in your way, shoot cars and just stay alive!
Offroad Madness Icon Offroad Madness
Tilty trucks? What insanity is this? Why can't you stay on the road like normal motorists?
Escape 3D: The Bathroom  Icon Escape 3D: The Bathroom
I woke up in this bathroom with no memory. The door was locked so I couldn't get out. I need to FIND A WAY OU...
Traffic Slam Icon Traffic Slam
Build up speed and create as much damage as you possibly can in the intersection! Play Traffic Slam now!
Ben 10 Power Splash Icon Ben 10 Power Splash
Ben 10's girl has been kidnapped by henchmen. Use your powers to catchup to the men and get the girl back.
Mansion Escape: The Guest Bedroom  Icon Mansion Escape: The Guest Bedroom
how them who's boss and get out of the room! It's Christmas and you've just enjoyed a night of partying with ...
Run Bolt Run Icon Run Bolt Run
Help Bolt find Penny! Mittens Hot Dog Hideaway Help Mittens juggle hot dogs from the stand to her stash!
Mansion Escape: The Kitchen  Icon Mansion Escape: The Kitchen
Your friends have locked you in the downstairs kitchen as a yearly prank. They've left clues and tools to hel...
Elite Forces: Jungle Strike Icon Elite Forces: Jungle Strike
Play as Thug or Kate in Elite Forces: Jungle Strike. Kill all of the bad guys and bosses in order to Escape t...
AtomAtor  Icon AtomAtor
You are a employee of a proton harvesting company. Dodge the Black Holes and deliver the proton to the Worm H...
Monster Truck Madness   Icon Monster Truck Madness 
 The Bike Maniac has traded his dirt bike for a monster truck, and now hes back to his old tricks. Youll nee...
Balloons Hunter  Icon Balloons Hunter
Test your aiming skills in this fun game. Use your cannon of furry to pop the evil balloons that invaded the ...
Jump N Smash Icon Jump N Smash
Its chaos in this legoland! Crush all the little legos! Muahaha!
Marvel VS DC Icon Marvel VS DC
MARVEL-VS-DC In Marvel-vs-DC you play the role of X-men (Marvel) characters and fight against the Justice Lea...
Tarzan Jump Icon Tarzan Jump
Jump along the level with the almight Tarzan.
Sonic In Angel Island Icon Sonic In Angel Island
For all the die hard sonic fans, guide sonic through another adventurous journey in Angel island.
Amazing Spiderman Icon Amazing Spiderman
Be the amazing Spiderman and web your way through the city from building to building. Your objective is to co...
Bloody Rage Icon Bloody Rage
Pick your street fighter and battle it out with others.
Stickicide 3 Icon Stickicide 3
Kill your stick man in as many ways as possible to score the highest points!
Power Rangers Ninja Storm Icon Power Rangers Ninja Storm
The power rangers have gone on a ninja storm as they go from one level to the next. Guide them through the le...
The Incredibles Save the Day Icon The Incredibles Save the Day
Get ready to be a super hero and see if you have what it takes to save the day as Mr. Incredible!
Transformers Stronghold  Icon Transformers Stronghold
Transformers Autobot Stronghold is a tower defense game by LG. You must defend the city to stop deceptions.
Iron Man Armory Assault Icon Iron Man Armory Assault
Play as the mighty Ironman and shoot as many targets as possible. Your mission is to hit the required number ...
Ben 10 Samaurai Warrior Icon Ben 10 Samaurai Warrior
Fun Ben 10 game - be the Samaurai!
Triple X Mission Icon Triple X Mission
Complete your missions as Triple X. The country is counting on you.
Trech 2 Icon Trech 2
Trech 2, Manoeuvre your Trech, blasting enemy tanks and turrets, and racking up the most points in the least ...
Johnny Rocketfingers Icon Johnny Rocketfingers
If you get stuck someplace just take your time and look around REALLY carefully. it helps to move your mouse ...
Tails Nightmare Icon Tails Nightmare
Sonic is nowhere to be found! It's up to you to help our friend Tail's escape from this hellish world.
Red Driver 2 Icon Red Driver 2
You are the driver of an awesome red sports car. You have to complete certain challenges such as driving for ...
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